Citizen Folder

Procedures and Services

Citizen Portfolio

¿How to create my "Citizen Folder"?

You can create your Folder Citizen, automatically, when performing a administrative procedure in the Electronic Office, using digital certificate to make the request and query notifications.

¿What services does your "Folder Citizen"?

  • Knowing the Status of their Case:
    1. TasksMeet records in the currently pending further operation, and access to various functions relating to the same.
    2. SeekerLocated by a search filter any records you have made to the administration.
    3. DocumentsDisplay file documents.
    4. MenssageShows messages that you send Public Organism to inform the citizen of the state of the record.

¿What needs to access?

  • In order to access its "Citizen Folder" is necessary to have a Electronic Certificate valid. Currently you can access through any of the below listed:
  1. FNMT (National Mint and Stamp)
  2. DNI Electrónic