Frequently asked questions

How I can initiate the tramitación of a procedure?

The Port authority puts to disposal of the citizens the access to numerous formalities from the Portal of Electronic Administration. The tramitación electronic allows to present applications, from any place and to any hour. Said applications will be directed automatically to the competent services for his tramitación, avoiding like this trips to the corresponding offices. In those formalities whose application can realise through Internet, will appear a link that will redirect them to the Virtual Office where will be able to initiate the procedure, after having filled up the form developed to such effect. For this is necessary previously obtain an electronic certificate and install it in his team.
Which are the minimum requirements that it has to have my computer to use the platform of tramitación electronic?

Operating Systems

  • Windows ( XP, View, Windows 7+).
  • Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Lyns)
  • S.O. Mac OSX

Requirement software

  • Java: It is necessary to have of a virtual machine Java 6 or upper (facilitated from the page of Oracle/Sun) to be able to access to all the services of validation and signature inside the platform. Download of the software of Java.
  • Download the Autofirma application that is provided by the Ministry of Finance and Public Function, it is a desktop application that allows us to make the signature on the client, using the Certificates store htat we have in our browser. This tool will be available for other operating systems and if the Windows site, supporting (32 and 64 bits).
  • Browsers Web: At present they are supported Mozilla Firefox 45+, IE9+, Google Chrome 51+,  Safari 8+.
  • Acrobat Reader Acrobat Reader 9 or upper Download Acrobat Reader (last version)

Other requirements

For authentication in the applications and electronic document should be available a electronic certificate issued by the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (FNMT) on web page CERES, DNIe, or any other than those supported by platform (see list). The digital certificate can be stored in a cryptographic card or cryptographic token. For information on what is an electronic signature, how is available, who can provide it, how and when to use it we recommend you access the following pages:

  • Portal of Electronic DNI
  • Portal of Spanish Certification, CERES, Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (FNMT).
  • Portal for information on the Electronic DNI of the National Institute of Communication Technologies (INTECO).

Warning about digital certificates, is not recommended to install the certificate store on the Web browser, for security reasons. You can use a card or cryptographic token to store your digital certificates for a safer way.

How I can change my certificate once logged? When server requests an authentication certificate, the selected certificate is stored in a memory cache on an SSL session. The selected certificate may remain in the cache until you restart your browser.

If you click clear SSL state located in the content tab of the options dialog box of the Internet, all client authentication certificates cache Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is disposed of without the need to open a new browser window.

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