INFOPAX contributes to the development and innovation of information systems applied to the maritime port environment. Tehe IFOPAX Passenger Information System at the Port Authority of Ceuta is committed to innovation and technology on a permanent basis.

This system has contributed to the successfull completion of the Operation Cross-Straight 2016 (OPE 2016) during the summer months,m which has been successful in organizing the large influx of vehicles and passengers between the ports of Algeciras and Ceuta improving substantially the information to the users in transit. The system has made it possible to view in real time through the different screens in the Maritime Station of the Port of Ceuta, information abaut the trips that the Balearia, FRS and Trasmediterranea companies make between the Autonomus City and Algeciras.

It si possible to access the time information of the vessels through the webside of the Port Authority. The system also shows up-to date information on the positioning of the vessel in its trajectory, as well as other data of interest related to the meteorogical situation in the Straits (temperature, wind force, waves in the area). All this has resulted in an improvement of the services provided by the Port Authority, making it more transparent, easy and convenient for users using the sea route between Ceuta and the Peninsula.

Acces Console Infopax

Acces to the Departures / Arrivals:

From the application can be made by an Shipping Companies user the management and control of Departures and Arrivals of Ships within the Port Authority of Ceuta. Detailed information about the schedules, shipping companies and boarding gates where the ships that operate are shown, such as status in the event of an incident occurring both in the arrival and departure of the ships. It will be possible to manage the discharge of Shipping Companies, Users and Ships that will operate in the control of Passengers.
With this tool will be possible to plan both the Departures / Arrivals of the ships, by range of dates, days, hours and doors on which the corresponding shipping company operates.

                 Access to Console


Through this option the user will have the detailed documentation and ncessary for the configuration of the Application for "Information to the Passaer - INFOPAX.

INFOPAX Configuration Manual.