From this page can download diverse relative documentation to the use and management of the digital certificates. To continuation explain a series of usual concepts in the Electronic Administration. 

How I can initiate the processing of a procedure?

The Port authority puts to disposal of the citizens the access to numerous formalities from the Portal of the System of Administrative Information (SIA).

The processing electronic allows to present applications, from any place and to any hour. Said applications will be directed automatically to the competent services for his processing, avoiding like this trips to the corresponding offices.

In those formalities whose application can realise through Internet, will appear a link that will redirect them to the Virtual Office where will be able to initiate the procedure, after having filled up the form developed to such effect. For this is necessary previously obtain an electronic certificate and install it in his team.

What is an electronic certificate?

It is a document issued and signed by an Authority of Certification (CA) that allows the identification the headline of the same.

Each certificate is identified of univocal way and has a period of validity consigned in the own document. Of a more formal way, according to the Law of Electronic Signature 59/2003, is a document signed electronically by a lender of services of certification that links some data of verification of signature (public key) to a signatory and confirms his identity.

What is an Authority of Certification (CA)?

An Authority of Certification is an entity of confidence of the issuer and of the receptor of a communication. This confidence of both in a 'third reliable part' allows that any one of the two trust his time in the documents signed by the Certifier Authority, in particular, in the certificates that identify both extremes.

That guarantee offers you the Electronic Certificate?

The authenticity of the people and entities that take part in the exchange of information. Confidentiality: that only the issuer and the receptor see the information. The integrity of the information exchanged, ensuring that it does not produce any manipulation. The do not repudiate, that guarantees when titling of the same that anybody more than him can generate a signature linked to his certificate and makes him impossible to deny his titularity in the messages that have signed.

For what serves an Electronic Certificate?

Authenticate the identity of the user, of electronic form, in front of third. Sign electronically so that it guarantee the integrity of the data trasmiting and his origin. Encipher data so that only the addressee of the document can access to his content.

What is the Electronic Signature?

The electronic signature consists in a group of data or summary enciphered associated to a message, that allows to guarantee with total security the identity of the signatory and the integrity of the text or message sent. To be able to use the electronic signature is necessary to have obtained previously a digital certificate.

How obtain an Electronic Certificate? The management for his obtaining have to realise in front of an Authority of Certification recognised officially. To continuation find the direct links of several of the Entities of Certification that at present the Portal of Portel Telematic Services recognises, where can obtain wide information in the operation of the distinct certificates, as well as of his process of obtaining.

What are the certificates Admitted in the Electronic Office of the Port authority?

They can consult the listing of certificates admitted. Listing

How install an Electronic Certificate? Attending to the type of support, speaks of:

  • Certified software: it is that that consists in a file software, that does not have physical support any more than the own computer or server where installs.
  • Certificate of card: it is that that finds lodged in a card. In the case of certified software, once downloaded it is necessary to install it in the browser.

Sometimes the own application of the Authority of Certification requests us permission to do it. To this process calls him matter the certificate. When the certificate is of card is not necessary to install it in the browser. It will do use of him inserting the card in a reader of cards.

How renew an Electronic Certificate?

When it is near his date of caducity, if we want to follow using it, it is necessary to realise the renewal of the same. The concrete steps to carry out, depend on the Authority of Certification that have issued it to us:

  • General direction of the Police: it Can find more information on the process of renewal of the DNIe in the official page of the DNI electronic.
  • National factory of Coin and Bell (FNMT): The digital certificate obtained in the FNMT has to renew in the two previous months to his date of caducity. The renewal extra time his force during two years. All the procedure can realise through Internet in the page of the FNMT.

How revoke an Electronic Certificate?

Revoke a certificate is to cancel his validity before the date of caducity that is recorded in the same. The revocation can be requested by the user anytime (whenever his force have not finalised), and especially, when the headline think that the security of his private key have been able to be engaged. Also it knows him like cancellation of a certificate.

The concrete steps to carry out, depend on the Authority of Certification that have issued it to us:

  • National factory of Coin and Bell (FNMT): If the headline has of the certificate, the formality of revocation will be able to realise through Internet in the page of the FNMT. If by misplacement or theft or by other causes the headline does not have of the same, would have to arrived in an office of register to accredit his identity and sign the model of application of revocation.
  • General direction of the Police: To revoke a DNIe has to attend to any office of expedition of the DNI electronic.