Electronic @dministration

Order TAP/953/2011, of 12 April, by which approves the new promotional image of the activities of electronic administration and establish criteria for his utilisation.

Development of the Electronic Administration

The Society of the Knowledge identifies clearly in the politics and European guidelines that promote an open and competitive society based in the digital economy and putting special emphasis in the Electronic Administration like driving for the inclusion and the quality of life. Definitely, the TIC have burst into with strength in the society and are transforming quickly the economy and the habits in the distinct fields of performance of the daily activity (leisure, work, etc.). The habits of the citizens adapt quickly to the new services that the private sector offers them through the network.

In this context, the Public Administration positions like reference in the leadership in quality and innovation in the provision of services. In the short term, to fulfil the legislation, satisfy the demands of the citizens and increase the levels of productivity. To half and long term, like engine and transmitter to the social and economic agents to be still in a process of continuous improvement that allow to Europe compete in an economic frame globalizado and keep the Society of the Knowledge.

In this section, will develop the antecedents, lines and strategic surroundings, as well as available resources in electronic Administration.