Waht is the Electronic Headquarters

¿What is it?

It is a new procedure of communication with the Administration through electronic means.

The Port Authority of Ceuta is a public body under the Ministry of Development. Being within the scope of the Law 11/2007, of 22 of June, of electronic access of the citizens to the public services. In accordance with article 1 of this Law, citizens have the right to interanct with Public Administrations by electronic means. For this reason electronic administration is created as a new way of relating between the citizen and the Administration.

For this purpose, the Port Authority of Ceuta will use the necessary information technologies in accordance with the provisions of Law 11/2007, ensuring the availability, access integrity, autenticity, confidentiality and conservation of data, information and services that they manage in the exercise of their powers.

According to the agreement of article 3 of Law 11/2007, the purpose and purpose of the electronic aministration of the Port Authority of Ceuta are the following:

  1. Facilitate the exercise of rights and the fulfillment of duties by electronic means.
  2. To facilitate the electronic access of citizens to information and aministrative procedures, with special attention to the elimination of the barries that limit such access.
  3. To create the conditions of confidence in the use of electronic means, establishing the necessary measures for the preservation of the integrity of the fundamental rights, and especially those related to the privacy and the protection of personal data, by means of the guarantee Securtity of systems, data, comunications, and electronic services.
  4. Promote proximity to the citizen and administrative transparency, as well as continous improvement in the pursuit of the general interest.
  5. To contribute to the improvement of the internal functioning of Public Administrations, increasing their effectiveness and efficiency through the use of information technologies, with due legal guarantees in the perfromance of their functions.
  6. Simplify administrative procedures and provide opportunities for participation and greater transparency, with due legal guarantees.
  7. Contribute to the development of the information society in the field of Public Administrations and in society in general.